LM318-based video amplifier

I made this video amplifier while attempting to add RCA audio/video jacks to a ColecoVision, and while not really knowing what I was doing. This is mostly here for posterity.

the video amp board requires the following parts:

  • circuit board of some sort (pictured: 1/2 of a radio shack “dual general-purpose ic pc board” cat. no. 276-159B)
  • some wire (22 gauge stranded wire is recommended)
  • LM318N (IC1)
  • 2x 10k resistors (R1,R2)
  • 2x 150 ohm resistors (R3,R4)
  • 27pF capacitor (C1)
  • >1uF capacitor (C2 - see schematic)
  • 47uF capacitor (C3)

Video amp schematic