Tron w/ AI

Use the arrow keys to move the blue player and avoid running into walls!

Press spacebar to pause.

This is a simple HTML5 game of Tron inspired by HTML5 Snake. The AI is a very simplified version of the AI I used in the Google AI Tron Challenge, hard-coded to look ahead 3 moves for each player (which is fast enough in Javascript these days -- that's about 700 board evaluations, each of which runs two optimized Dijkstra passes over a 31x20 map). It has no special cases for filling in space efficiently after the players become separated, so it does silly things. It's still pretty hard to beat (but not at all impossible) and uses very little CPU, at least in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

View source on this page for the source code (it's not minified or anything). There is a buggy easter egg.